Snow Removal Routes


Annually the city council and the street superintendent shall desinate specific streets or other public ways in the city of Enderlin, as a snow route.

Whenever any vehicle, including motorcycles or wheeled vehicles, shall be found parking on the snow route streets or public ways as designated as snow route, at the time cleaning of said now route is being carried on, said vehicle shall be impounded bu the city at a place provided for the purpose of impoundment and it shall be unlawful for any person to attempt to remove or to remove any such impounded vehicle without paying the cost of removal plus a reasonable fee for impoundment of such vehicle. 

In addition to the impoundment sanction set out above, there shall be a fine of $250 imposed for this violation for each occurence, the fine shall be $50, if it occurs within the same snow season.

*To read the full ordinance amendment click here to download it.*