The Enderlin Cemetery Association Board of Directors continually strives to properly maintain and beautify the resting places of our friends and loved ones.

Ever increasing costs for things such as regular mowing, trimming, grass seeding, road maintenance, repair and upkeep on the cemetery vault, and storage sheds, plus the timely replacement of equipment necessitates the need to periodically solicit financial help from individuals within our community and elsewhere who in some way have a connection with the cemetery.

If you appreciate these efforts, and take pride in a well-maintained perpetual care cemetery, you may have a part in accomplishing this goal by sending a donation to the Enderlin Cemetery Assoc.  Any donation may be designated as Perpetual Care, Maintenance, or Use as needed”.  We thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give us. 

Each year we look forward to Memorial Day, which is always our “Grand Opening”. The cemetery will be mowed, trimmed, and decorated for Memorial Day, and we hope that our efforts will be satisfactory to all who may visit the Enderlin Cemetery during this time.  Temporary adornments for Memorial Day such as flowers, flags, etc. are welcomed for this day of remembrance and for a short time before and after.  We ask that all artificial flowers/ornaments be removed by Father's Day of each year.  If live plants are placed on the grave-sites, we ask that the individual families tend them, but if they go unattended, they will be removed after Father's Day by the caretakers. 

  • Headstones and foot stones are to be marked by cemetery care takers. All foot stones must be ground level.

  • Potted planters need to be taken care of by families. When dried up they will be removed.

  • Peony's will be mowed off at the appropriate time of year. New new plantings please.

  • Urns will be placed by cemetery workers.

  • Raising stones is the families responsibility.

  • No tree or shrubs to be planted.

Hopefully, you will find everything to your satisfaction, but occasionally things do go awry.  Many families make an effort to adorn the headstones/grave-sites with a variety of items: solar lights, twirlies, pictures, etc.  Although these decorations are a meaningful tribute by family and friends, their placement at times make mowing and string trimming difficult.  The Cemetery Board does not and never has taken responsibility for the maintenance and repair of Headstones/Foot-stones and additional adornments.  The maintenance and repair of Headstones, Foot-stones, and additional items is and always has been the responsibility of the individual families   Our caretakers make every effort to carefully mow and trim, and when damage is discovered/reported, since the cemetery is wide open to the public at all times, there is no way of knowing how or when the damage occurred, therefore, we simply cannot accept responsibility. The Cemetery Board does not want to ban all “decorations” or demand, for example, that only flat stones be placed, but as stated earlier we can’t and never have accepted responsibility for the items/situations mentioned.   

The Cemetery Board of Directors made the decision in the fall of 2015 to have the map of the cemetery printed on a 3’ x 3’ sign, which is now mounted on the vault wall at the main entrance to the cemetery.  This sign shows all of the numbered lots in the cemetery, so if you know the number of the lot you are looking for, you should be able to “follow the map” to the location of said lot. 

You will also find on this webpage PDF files listing burials in the Enderlin Community Cemetery.  There are two searchable PDF files.  One is alphabetically sorted by the last name and the other is sorted chronologically by lot #.   The Files all contain the same information: i.e. “Deceased Name, Burial Lot #, and DOD”.   

In time, if a final resting spot in the Enderlin Cemetery is something that you are considering, we are hoping to add another PDF file to this site, which will show which lots in the cemetery are open and available for purchase.  If you are interested in a lot in the Enderlin Cemetery, you should be able to browse/compare all of these files to find possible open lots near friends and/or family, or any open location you may desire.  You should then contact the Enderlin City office, and you will be directed to someone who can help you with the process to confirm availability.

Depending on the device you are using, you should be able to open these files and perform specific searches or just browse through them.  Hopefully these added features on our part will make your efforts to find the graves of loved ones and friends a little easier.

On another note:  There is a website called “” that I have found interesting.  If you go to this website and follow the links, you might be able to locate the information you are looking for and possibly even a picture of the headstone on the burial site.  (,  search for a cemetery, Enderlin, Ransom, Click on Enderlin City Cemetery, enter your information)  Give it a try. You might find it interesting.


Glen Fuhrman, President
Tom Nord, Vice President
Rhonda Skramstad, Secretary
Duane Skramstad, Treasurer
Christy Chritiansen, Member
Denise Menge, Member
Frank Egan, Member


Enderlin Cemetery Assoc.
Attn: Duane Skramstad
PO Box 84
Enderlin, ND  58027